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Welcome to Project 1 Million - an open-source initiative founded by FlyJuggler, Bennett Santora, with the core objective of being the single strongest force for good on the planet. A "Project 1 Million" can be supported by learning the skill that the leader teaches, and a "Project 1 Million" can be started by anyone who is willing to commit to making it a lifelong mission to teach a specific skill to one million people.

To kickstart the first-ever Project 1 Million, Bennett personally plans to teach one million people how to juggle or unlock new juggling skills. He encourages others to start their own Project 1 Million for their unique niche: see below to get featured on the website.

As a child, Bennett was always attracted to the idea that one kid could change the world, but he was never sure how to do it himself. Upon deep reflection, the answer came to him with such clarity that he knew he could not ignore it. The answer was Project 1 Million. Inaction, as he believes, is itself a choice, and failing to act on such a clear and impactful idea would be nothing short of a moral failure. Though the scale of the project terrifies him, the fear of not acting is greater, fueling his ambition.

If you would like to support the movement, you can do so for free by checking out the video tutorial below and simply learning to juggle. Once you've learned how to juggle, please click the button above to certify that Bennett has helped you. If you've already learned how to juggle (or learned a new trick) from Bennett's online tutorials or in-person workshops, please click the button as well. You can even share the specific juggling trick you learned from him if you'd like (emails are not collected).

Please note that it's limited to one submission per email to ensure an accurate count. He appreciates your cooperation and support towards the mission and hopes to inspire others to start their own Project 1 Million. If you'd like to be featured on this website as a Verified Leader for Project 1 Million, please
contact me with what skill you will teach one million people to receive more details about your eligibility.

If Bennett has helped YOU with juggling:

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